“We have sent 100’s of happy patients to my board certified surgeons in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico since 1994”.

Putting this great idea into a package was the brainchild of Patricia Marino, Founder & President of Travel Productions. While visiting a friend who lives in San Miguel de Allende, Pat was struck by the smooth looks of both men and women who were known to be in their 50’s and over. One woman spoke excitedly about her impending facelift by a well known Mexican surgeon. This surgeon was largely responsible for the good looks about town. Pat found this very interesting because she was in the market for a facelift herself, and when she heard that the fee was just $6,500 (U.S.) she immediately made an appointment for a consultation. She even checked herself into this private state-of-the-art hospital for the night just to check it out and learn about the procedure. Following that she was convinced! The doctor is also known for his artistic reconstructive surgery and his facial work is accomplished with none of that “pulled taut look.” Copies of his certificates and diplomas (he is board certified in Mexico), are available on their website, as is a video of Pat’s interview with him at the hospital and a good look at the charming 500 year old town of San Miguel de Allende.

Her delight at the outcome and the care she received along with the happy testimonies of those gone before who were recuperating there, plus her knowledge of the travel industry, culminated in the inspiring idea of combining it all into a ten day package for a total of only $6,500 (not including airfare or the required 10 day recovery stay at Spa Club Casa Marino).

Lest you think these amazing prices suggest anything second rate, be assured that they reflect merely the exchange rate, never the quality. Travel Leisure magazine in their “Readers Choice Awards” has named San Miguel de Allende in the “Top 20 Cities of The World” for the past five years!

Americans have been slipping over the border for decades for cosmetic surgery!

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“After Surgery” - Patients Reunion Party!

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Patient Luxuriates in the cool Mountain Air

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View from the rooftop Garden and Terrace of our own “Spa Club Casa Marino”

Watch the video & see how it all started in 1994!


Recover in Luxury at our 4-star private Club

Spa Club Casa Marino is private for our patients only – our experienced staff will monitor your progress daily. Depending on surgery performed, they will assist with bathing, compression garments, changing bandages, etc. They are in direct contact with our surgeon.


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