Disc Replacement
Spinal Disc Replacement: supporting pain-free mobility through Spinal Prosthesis
Key Facts Spinal Disc Replacement (Artificial Spinal Disc)

• Indications: Spinal Disc Degeneration with chronic cervical pain.
• Strategy: Spinal Disc Replacement (ADR stands for anterior disc replacement) replaces the intervertebral Disc with a disc prosthesis maintaining natural mobility of the spin.
• Inpatient treatment: 2 days for cervical disc replacement.
• Outpatient Rehabilitation: 5 days for cervical artificial disc.
• Earliest flight home: 7 days after surgery for cervical disc replacement.
• Recommended flight home: 10 days after surgery for cervical disc replacement.
• Recommended time off work: 3 weeks for cervical disc replacement.
• Suture removal: Cervical disc surgery - no sutures.
• Time before driving a car: Cervical disc replacement - 1 week.

Brain Surgery
Dr. Salmon is allowed to perform cerebral surgery to treat the following conditions:
Meningiomas, Hypophyseal tumors, Gliomas, Intraventricular tumors, Bone tumors, Biopsy, Stereotactic surgery, Navigation assisted neurosurgery, Endoscopy of the brain.
Chronic subdural hematoma drainage under local anesthesia.
Spinal Cervical & Lumbar
Cervical and lumbar spinal fusion surgeries are procedures that provide relief to those suffering from cervical stenosis and many other forms of spinal deformities.
Spinal Tumors
Some spinal tumors, benign or malignant, require surgical intervention before or after non-operative treatments. When pain is unresponsive to non-operative treatment, neurologic deficit progresses, a specimen is needed, neural elements (e.g. nerves) are compressed, vertebral destruction exists, or when spinal stabilization is necessary – surgery is considered.
Neuro Carotid Disorders
There are 4 main vessels providing blood to the brain and all intracranial structures. The carotid arteries are in the front; and in the back, inside cervical spine are the vertebral arteries, as you can see in the picture.


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