Spinal Surgery in Mexico  Katelyn's Testimonial, November 2022.

Hi Greg, I would like to the take opportunity to again say thank you. When we initially started looking into medical tourism, we quickly discovered spinalsurgerymexico.com. At the time, we initially felt it was “too good to be true”. This delayed us reaching out by a couple days, and I’m so happy we did. After a lengthy battle already in the Canadian health system, and a two year wait to SPEAK to a neurosurgeon (who had already dismissed me once). I figured I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing a (free) consult with Dr. Salmon. From my first interaction with Greg until after we left Casa Marino was done with compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to help.

I was offered surgery dates as quick as a week from when I decided I wanted to go ahead with surgery. I hit a couple bumps in the road getting to Mexico, and Greg was there to listen, and help in anyway he could. Once we arrived in Querétaro, we went to the hospital. Dr Salmon met us there and helped get me signed in. We were in a beautiful suite!

Dr Salmon is the most compassionate, empathetic, caring physician I have ever had the opportunity to have on my team. He listens to concerns, answers questions, and makes himself available to his patients.

Casa Marino was a nice place to recover. Greg’s help didn’t stop once you were there! I needed an unexpected scan, and Greg was there to assist. Rest assured that if you have concerns or need medical attention that Dr Salmon arranged for someone to see you. I never felt my care is compromised in anyway during my time at Casa Marino. It’s also very important to note that Casa Marino WILL accommodate food allergies, and keep you safe. I never once felt my food allergy was at risk.

Dr Salmon and Greg may be your biggest cheerleaders on your road to recovery. I absolutely recommend spinalsurgerymexico.

At just 9 days post-op, my partner and I were off to Cancun (with medical permission from Dr Salmón) 9 days post-op from major brain surgery!

Another very satisfied patient,

Katelyn from Manitoba, Canada came to Mexico for brain surgery, no wait times!

About Chiari Decompression Surgery

"The cerebellum is a small portion of the brain that co-ordinates various muscular movements such as speech, posture, and balance of the body. It is located above the foramen magnum at the lower end of the skull just above the brain stem.

Chiari malformation refers to a structural defect in the cerebellum, in which a part of it, the cerebellar tonsils, protrudes into the spinal canal. When the cerebellar tonsils are pushed down into the foramen magnum and into the spinal canal, pressure is created on the brain stem. This blocks the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a clear fluid cushioning the brain and spinal cord. The block in the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid disrupts normal functioning of the brain and spinal cord and causes fluid to accumulate in the spinal cord (syringomyelia) or brain (hydrocephalus). Chiari malformation can occur in adults as well as in children.

Chiari malformation is associated with symptoms such as head, neck, chest and general body pain, imbalance, hearing loss, sleep apnea, swallowing difficulty, arm and leg numbness and impaired thinking. Chiari malformation can be managed with regular monitoring and medications. However, severe cases would require surgery.

Surgery performed to decompress the protruded cerebellar tonsils is called Chiari decompression surgery. This surgery relieves pressure on the spinal column and creates more space for the cerebellum. It also normalizes the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid to and from the brain thereby relieving related symptoms.

Source:Your Practice Online - Patient Education Library